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All items are shipped from Melbourne. Free shipping orders above $150
Incense holder - something you need to enjoy your incense sticks

Incense holder - something you need to enjoy your incense sticks

After you get Incense sticks, now find your favourite incense holder!

To use the incense sticks, you need an Incense Holder. We will show you how incense holder works and some situation ideas to use it.



- About incense holder -

When burning incense, we use either an "incense burner" or an "incense holder". Both are made of nonflammable materials such as pottery, porcelain, copper, and iron. Each has its own advantage.

In this article, we talk about an incense holder. Most incense holders in the market are for incense sticks. To burn incense with an incense stand, prepare a plate to catch the ashes. We recommend that the size of the plate be such that the incense does not come out when viewed from directly above and to the side. Sticks are inserted into the holes of the incense holder.

The greatest merit of incense holders is that they are reasonable and they have a variety of designs. You can find your favourite design. You can also use other materials found in your place such as ceramic plates instead of incense plates. It is easy to get started to enjoy incense sticks.


- The situation when you can use incense -

Nowadays, it is used not only as a ritual of buddhism, but also in various situations such as before sleep, when you want to concentrate on work, or when you want to relax. See the following instances of using incense.

  • Welcoming your guest

When you travel to Japan, have you ever smelled the aroma of incense at a ryokan or ryotei restaurant (both refer to traditional Japanese settings)? This is the hospitality of the host side's welcoming your visit. Likewise, you can entertain your guests with fragrances.

  • As a time reminder

By using incense of a specific size, it can be used as a timer. You can enjoy the smell, during yoga, Zen, and mindfulness practices.

  • To relax and refresh your mood

In today's society, where telework and remote work are becoming more common, it is sometimes difficult to find the right balance of time. Instead of a timer, incense can be burned, the smell can be used to change your mood to positive way and it can switch on and off.

  • For purification of space 

It is recommended to burn incense after cleaning a room to refresh the air. When you burn incense in a small space such as a bathroom, it is better to use incense with less smoke.


- Variation of incense holders -

Wa-in stocks beautiful incense holders. Find your favourite colour, material and shape.


We hope you enjoyed this small tips of incense holder today. 

Thank you for reading it to the end.

See you on the next story.

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