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All items are shipped from Melbourne. Free shipping orders above $150
Raden - Beautiful Japanese products

Raden - Beautiful Japanese products

Decorative craftsmanship in lacuerware

- What is Raden - 

Raden is decorative technique applied to lacquerware and other items. It features the use of shells such as abalone, cresating a sparkling and radiant appearance. Craftsman carve patterns into shells and embed them into the surface of lacquerware or wood. Initially, artisans cut the shells into pattern shapes, polishing and treating them to extract only the nacreous layer - the glossy inner part of the shell. By fitting these pieces into pre - carved sections of lacquerware, the intricate patterns are completed.


While this may conjure images of opulence and and grandeur, Raden can also embellish simpler items. Instead of covering the entire lacquerware, using Raden as focal point can lend a subtle elegance to create a refined ambiance. The versatility of Raden allows for a myriad of charms to be enjoyed.


- Contemporary Applications and maintenance - 

Although Raden is renowned for its use in lacquer decoration, glasses has garnered attention in recent years. Glasses adorned with motifs such as Out Fuji or Cherry blossoms not only serve practical purposes but also enhace interiors. The visually stunning Raden craftsmanship, evocative of Japan, is cherished as a thoughtful gift as well.


Due to its susceptibility to fingerprints and oils, Raden products require frequent maintenance. Gently wipe the surface with soft materials like tissues to remove dirt. Exercise caution against using rough cloths or eyeglass cleaners, as they may cause scratches.


 - Introduction to Raden products available at Wa-in - 

"Raden" Lacquer Coated Glass 150ml - Kaleidoscope Glass with Cherry Blossoms Pattern (gold-red) 



"Raden" Lacquer Coated Crystal Wineglass 365ml - Stone Walls Pattern (red)


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