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Introduction to the unique characteristics of tin silverware

Introduction to the unique characteristics of tin silverware


- First encounter with tin silverware – how to use? -

Tin, a metal with a modest yet captivating sheen. Since it's rarely used in everyday life, it's understandable that many may not be familiar with it. The Japanese brand 'Nousaku,' featured by Wa-in Japanese Handcrafts, skillfully transforms the unique properties of tin into crafted products, showcasing the artisanal expertise that has evolved over the years.


- What is tin? -

Tin is a type of metal known for its rust-resistant nature and minimal color changes, making it a stable option. Its ease of use, softness, and excellent sterilization and freshness preservation capabilities have made it a common choice for storing food, beverages, and flowers. With its ability to maintain a beautiful sheen for extended periods, historical records in Japan indicate its use as an offering to deities.



- Nousaku's tin silverware -

Nousaku, a metal manufacturer based in Toyama, Japan, upholds traditional casting techniques passed down through generations to create everyday items and kitchenware tailored to the characteristics of various metals.

The tin used by Nousaku boasts a purity of 100%. Achieving this requires highly specialized skills, a feat that Nousaku has mastered, with their expertise being seamlessly passed down through the generations.



- Nousaku products featured at Wa-in -

・Tin 100% beer cup

It is said that using tin in beverages removes impurities, resulting in a smoother taste and mouthfeel. Additionally, thanks to its excellent thermal conductivity, when enjoying cold drinks, such as refreshing beverages, chilling the cup in the refrigerator for 1-2 minutes allows you to enjoy a cool drink without the need for ice.


KAGO bendable tin basket

Products utilizing the softness of tin. With its flexibility, you can arrange it into any shape for displaying, storing small items, or even creating wine holders. The possibilities for customization are endless.*


Wind chime

Introducing wind chimes that catch the eye with tin's unique smooth shine. The high and delicate tones of tin create a gentle and pleasant sound.


Introducing our popular Nousaku products. How about adding them to your home decor or giving them as gifts?



Please see our selection of NOUSAKU tin silverware here:


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