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All items are shipped from Melbourne. Free shipping orders above $150

Folding Knife with bottle opener - Mt.Fuji Blue-2 Steel with Brass Handle

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About Mujun

Based in Ono-city in Hyogo in 2018, Mujun Workshop was established with the concept of cherishing traditional knife making and raising young craftsmen. Being a young company, they have collaborated with a number of skilled craftsmen in Japan.

Forge welding and free forging are the traditional knife-making methods in Japan that have passed down for centuries. However, the scale of this industry has now been shrinking due to the aged craftsmen who have difficulty raising young apprentices to the professional level. Mujun Workshop has created the scheme where young people can learn the technique from the professionals and develop their skills.

This Mt.Fuji knife was created by one fo the young craftsmen from Mujun Workshop, who successfully inherited the knife forging technique from the master. Their goal is to raise more young craftsmen and contribute to the industry and craftsmanship.


Knife specification

Blade: Blue-2 steel core

Handle: brass

Whole length: 111mm

Blade length: 80mm

Weight: 50g