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All items are shipped from Melbourne. Free shipping orders above $150
All items are shipped from Melbourne. Free shipping orders above $150

"Kannyu" Gold crazing pattern Heat resistant Cup & Saucer

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The fractured design of the gold leaf illuminates, creating an exquisite moment.
Because the crack patterns are uniquely crafted using an original technique, each crack possesses its own distinctiveness.
The absence of foil decoration on the cup allows for safe microwave heating with liquids.
It offers an ideal setting for enjoying a refined moment with herbal tea.

What is Kanazawa-Haku (Kanazawa gold leaf)?

Kanazawa-Haku is exquisite gold leaf produced in Kanazawa-city (Ishikawa prefecture), where 98% of Japan's gold leaf is made.

The history dates back to Japan's ancient Bunroku-era (600 years ago), when the leading military general ordered the feudal lord to begin production of gold leaf. Despite the temporary ban set by the Shogunate in later Edo era designating Edo-gold leaf as the only permitted production, Kanazawa gold leaf was secretly being made, pursuing higher quality with limited resources available. During this process, more sophisticated technique was developed and later on, their devotion to gold leaf making led the reputation as the best quality in Japan.

Nowadays, Kanazawa-Haku is widely used in various kinds of handicrafts including lacquerware, Buddhist objects, textiles, potteries and more. In fact, Kanazawa's cold and wet climate as well as water quality significantly contribute to better quality gold leaf.


Kannyu - Gold crazing pattern

The quaint and elegant Kannyu series is ideal as a gift. The broken gold leaf pattern casts light and indulge you in an elegant moment. The patterns are manufactured with a special technique. Each pattern is different and no two are the same.