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All items are shipped from Melbourne. Free shipping orders above $150

Nousaku - KAGO Bendable Tin Basket - Dahlia M

by Nousaku
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About Nousaku

Established in 1916, Nousaku is known as one of the top silverware manufacturing companies in Japan. They are based in Takaoka-city (Toyama Prefecture), which has thrived with copper production for 400 years.

Their products range from Buddhist ritual objects, Japanese tea ceremony utensils, interior goods to medical instruments. Most of all, their 100% pure tin drinkware and tableware are not only aesthetically pleasing, but have functionally significant value in use.


How to use Nousaku - KAGO bendable tin basket

Nousaku - KAGO series make best use of the soft and bendable character of 100% tin. Unlike ordinary tin products alloyed with another metal compound, KAGO series are purely made of tin, producing this fascinating bendability. By bending KAGO vertically and horizontally, it can be formed to various basket shapes. Arrange it to your liking, and you can create an original basket for fruits, bread even a wine holder. 

When packaged, it is compactly flat. Great for a gift purpose.


100% Pure Tin - high thermal conductivity and antibacterial effect

Nousaku utilises 100% pure tin in every piece of their tableware items. Tin is the most expensive metal after gold and silver, can be bendable and most suited for serving cold food and drinks. This is because tin chills so quickly in a refrigerator that it makes your drink, entree and dessert more enjoyable. Tin is also highly antibacterial and said to remove bitterness from sake as well as other beverages, resulting in milder taste.