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All items are shipped from Melbourne. Free shipping orders above $150

"Raden" Lacquer Coated Crystal Wineglass 365ml - Stone Walls Pattern (black)

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Raden wine glass of Amano lacquerware incorporates "Raden" technique into glass material which has characteristics such as transparency and hard beauty.
You can enjoy the expression that changes depending on the light.

The rainbow-like brilliance of shells that can be seen through the glass, and the fusion of Japanese and Western beauty, this is a masterpiece with a sense of tradition and modernity.
Enjoy the brilliance of Raden through the glass and the mystery of our glass seen through drink.

What is Raden?

Raden is a prominent traditional craft technique that has been passed down since Japans ancient Tenpyo era (1500 years ago). Raden crafts utilise the rainbow-like glitter of abalone shells. The Raden craftsmen cut the part into as thin as 0.1mm with chisels and needles and create images of natural objects that will be attached to lacquerware.

This technique to produce the splendid Raden lacquerware represents Takaokas (Toyama prefecture) profound heritage of craftsmanship. Raden was designated as the national traditional crafts in 1975.