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All items are shipped from Melbourne. Free shipping orders above $150

Set of Incense sticks, incense holder, Furoshiki (wrapping cloth)

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- Wa-in special Incense set -

A set of Nousaku incense holder (Tin bamboo leaf shape) and Kameyama incense sticks. This will be wrapped in a chief-size of furoshiki (wrapping cloth)!!

You can choose your favorite scent of incense.

Furoshiki can be used for various purposes. You can use it to wrap your lunch, use it as a handkerchief, or even use it as a book cover. Please enjoy it for various purposes.

※ The colour and pattern of the furoshiki is subject to availability. Please let us know if you have any preference.


About Kameyama

"Kameyama" is a candle maker based in Osaka, Japan, and one of the leading manufacturers supplying half of Japan's incense.
Established in Kameyama-city, Mie in 1927, this renowned company continues to pass down its traditional techniques to this day.

About " incense sticks series "Wayu"

These series of incense is called "Wayu", It's a collaboration between Kyoto's traditional craftsmanship and French-designed boxes. These beautiful boxes can be repurposed as small containers even after the incense is used up.
With a variety of scents ranging from traditional to modern, they are highly recommended for both personal use and gifting purposes.

Amount of Smoke

Please consider the following regarding the amount of smoke:

・Sakura: Minimal
・Shiraume: Average
・Kinmokusei: Minimal
・Kuchinashi: Quite minimal


What is "Furoshiki"?

A simple square cloth called Furoshiki is one of the traditional Japanese cultures.
For more than 1,000 years, we have handed gifts to someone and wrapped them with the seasonal design of Furoshiki in Japan.

Furoshiki is versatilely used in many different ways. Their number of uses stretches as far as your imagination, you can wrap a gift, use it as a shopping bag, or decorate your room. It is very useful to carry items and if you make your gift with Furoshiki, it will be helpful for you to express your feelings to someone.

About MUSUBI of Yamada sen-i

Yamada Sen-i was established in 1937 as a manufacturer of Furoshiki and we have been focusing on promoting Japanese Furoshiki.
The name of our Furoshiki brand “MUSUBI” comes from “born(生す/musu)” and “beauty(美/bi)” in Japanese.

Product Details

  • Pattern: Isa monyo
  • Dimensions: 48 x 48 cm (18.9″ x 18.9″).
  • Weight: 43 g. (1.5oz)
  • Material: 100% cotton.
  • Made in Japan.


About Nousaku

Established in 1916, Nousaku is known as one of the top silverware manufacturing companies in Japan. They are based in Takaoka-city (Toyama Prefecture), which has thrived with copper production for 400 years.

Their products range from Buddhist ritual objects, Japanese tea ceremony utensils, interior goods to medical instruments. Most of all, their 100% pure tin drinkware and tableware are not only aesthetically pleasing, but have functionally significant value in use.